I am a videographer and photographer with experience in the corporate, travel and action realms. I pride myself in my diversity of working with my clients from pre-production through to content distribution, with a passion for telling your tale.

Due to collaborating with some great brands I have produced content throughout Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, the US, Fiji and Thailand in the past few years. I am fortunate enough to spend a lot of time traveling I have always loved experiencing and being able to capture new places.

From working with your business in the pre-production planning stage, through to filming, post-production and distribution of content I am capable of managing projects from start to finish.

I also work closely with Chilli Group, the Sunshine Coast’s longest running and most successful marketing agency. Through this relationship I have learnt the value of strategy in creating successful media, whether that be photo or video.

Being born and raised on the Sunshine Coast, I have always had a passion for the ocean and spend every free morning or afternoon surfing, kiteboarding or in the ocean with my camera trying to capture its beauty.

Check out My Portfolio

With the belief that each production job is a complete start to finish process from planning to distribution, my portfolio is a series of case studies. This showing how my services have been beneficial to a variety of businesses and brands.

It is more than just a list of nifty videos and pretty pictures… it shows what I can deliver and how effective it can be when executed properly.

my Image Gallery

Now it is time for the pretty pictures…

I have a passion for both photography and video production however the satisfaction of capturing a moment in a single image is indescribable.

Check out my gallery for some of the moments I have frozen in time for all to see and remember.



Having good equipment is very important in the production industry. Not only that but knowing your way around your gear is equally important. Click here for a full list of my gear:  

Brand COllaborations


I have been fortunate enough to work with some great brands.

Check out my brand collaborations here: 

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