“Spending as much time doing what I love is my main game.”

I am a passionate kiteboarder from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia and have been into water sports from a very young age.

I take pride in the diversity of my kiteboarding. Unlike most kite boarders riding at a competitive level, I have not limited myself to any one particular discipline of the sport. Instead I love strapless surf style as well as wake/freestyle. I also enjoy foiling on lighter days and freeriding on the windier days.

Travel, competing, coaching and creating content of my journey is what makes me tick, primarily around kiteboarding but including my other passions of surfing and wakeboarding.

Please have a look though my site, it is kind of a central spot where I can keep all the stuff I am working on.



How I Spend Most Of My Time?

Surfing / Cable0%
Coaching & Travelling0%
Creating Videos & Social Media0%


I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively through Kiteboarding, either filming, coaching or competing. In the last few years I have visited Cape Town, Fiji several times including Namoutu, Taveuni and the Coral Coast and Indonesia several times. Being par of the Liquid Force roadshow I visit every state of Australia through the summer each year as well.

Working with Moon tours has been a massive opportunity for me, look them up, their trips are insane. I am always open to travel opportunities, doing what I love.


I really enjoy advanced level coaching working with on both freestyle and surf style. Ideal for the crew wanting to step it up, be it your first transition, unhooking, grabbing, foiling or riding surf strapless and/or unhooked, I can help.

Coming from the Sunshine Coast we have so many great flat water kiting spots, great surf and pumping down winders, when at home I am always ready to go.
I do several trips per year helping kiter’s reach their kiting goals. If you have a trip coming up lets have a chat and see if I can help out.

Foil CoachingFreestyle CoachingSurf Coaching


If I am not in the water, I am either filming or editing. I truly have the image capture and creative bug. Producing video work for my travel, the brands I work with as well as working with Pepper Productions keeps me busy.

If you are in the Sunny Coast, or have a trip coming up and want some killer footage and images let me know and we can work something out.


The Combo

The ultimate for me is to combine all the above, going on trips and being the go to for coaching, photography, filming and editing.

Are you a brand, tour company or just a bunch of mates going on a trip, lets chat and see what we can work out together?

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