Namotu Island Resort

Namotu Island is an action sports island resort in Fiji. I have been fortunate enough to spend several weeks over winter on the island shooting, surfing and enjoying the Fijian lifestyle!

Namotu Cobolt Promotional Video:

The Namotu Cobolt is the islands brand new Charter fishing boat.

The 320CC World Cat was brought over to Fiji in 2019 and for its release they flew Stu Gibson and myself over to capture this beast in action. I was in charge of creating a short promo showing what the Cobalt is made of and Stu was in charge of the photography.

A great few days were spent on this rig, fishing and cruising through tropical Fiji.


Namotu Fishing Video

The Namotu fishing adventures follows the story of Ben Wilson from Namotu, Pro Surfer Adam Melling and Dyllon Schulz in their never-ending quest to find the ultimate fishing spots in Fiji.

Based out of Namotu Island, the trio spent 4 full days out on the boat hunting a huge variety of species.

Namotu Photography Weeks:

I also spend time on the island working as the resident photographer. This is a great opportunity to capture some insane shots in pristine Fiji. I try to create a video for the guests each week also.