04 Jul Fiji Taveuni Trip with Moon Tours

With everything from great kite spots, Insane waterfalls, cruising on Looping – a 45ft Sailing Cat to a sunken volcanic caldera, snorkeling the Rainbow Reef, diving, and natural waterslides, Moon tour’s trip to Tavenui trip always kept both the Kiters and the rest of the families entertained.

The school holiday trip to Tavenui included kite obsessed juniors from Melbourne, South Aust and Me from Qld. A total of 6 of us junior’s plus the dads who kited, Trent and Steph from Moon tours and a few left over from previous trips made up a great crew.

Seeing kiters in Fiji is not the norm. With no kite shops and no way of getting any gear over there, it is not a place that has been kited very much over the years. Saying that it would have to be one of the if not the best spot I have kited so far. With bright blue water, sunny warm weather even in winter and bright colorful coral that you can kite across, it is a kiteboarding heaven. Not only does Taveuni offer deep, crystal clear water for confident riders to play in but it also offers a shallow, butter smooth area ideal for learners or less confident riders. To top off the perfect flat water and perfect learning conditions, Taveuni easily accesable surf spots that can be both surfed and kited.

Not only does Taveuni offer great kiteboarding, but it offers a variety of great adventures for both the kiters and non-kiters. Taveuni island is a home away from home for Trent and Steph of Moon Tours. They know the locals, have the contacts and know the area well enough, which allows you to see things you would never get to see without them. Everyday we had a new adventure planned that showed us more of the beautiful Garden Island. With trips out to the spectacular Honeymoon island snorkeling and diving trips out to the world famous Rainbow Reef, we got our fair share of spectacular aquatic wildlife. Not to mention what we could see kiting. Further inland we also got to see the magnificent tropics that Taveuni had to offer. With boat trips up to the base of beautiful waterfalls and a hike to the top of a small mountain to see ancient ruins. Not only this but we also got to see a 270-degree panoramic view of paradise.

Another great adventure we got to go on was the catamaran trip to a spectacular sunken caldera. On of the more unlucky days with no wind we all got onto a 45-foot catamaran and headed 20 nautical miles offshore to a massive sunken caldera. We then snorkeled all around the beautiful reef and made the most of the bright blue water that was said to be bottomless.

Doing the trip with Moon Tours definitely makes it a much more true Fijian experience. With trips to private villages, the local school and hours spent on the Kava mat, we got to see true side of Fiji. We were even lucky enough to see a Meke (traditional Fijian dance) performed by the students at the local school one night. This is not something that just anyone gets to see on a normal trip to Fiji. We also got to visit an annual rugby carnival with teams from all around Fiji playing.

We got to do all of this and much more on top of great kiting. This is what made the moon tours trip better than the normal kiteboarding trip for me. Whenever I normally go on a kiteboarding holiday I find myself with nothing to do on the days without wind, but this trip was definitely and exception. The odd days without wind were even more jam packed with things to do than the days with wind.

If I was to recommend one kiteboarding holiday that you would have to do at sometime in your life, I would definitely recommend a trip with moon tours. It offers so much more than the average kiteboarding holiday. Whether you are a kiteboarder or just tagging along the moon tours trip to Taveuni is assured to be a great holiday for all.