Ben Wilson Surf is the only Australian based Kitesurfing brand. With a huge focus on Surf style… BWS was always a brand I was very interested in working with. Through working on Namotu island in Fiji with Ben and his team… he started to send more work my way. From following Ben and co up the Great Barrier Reef on fishing adventures, to filming the promo videos for the release of his new control system, working with BWS has been unreal!!

A nine and a half minute fishing adventure may seem like nothing but a blood bath for someone who fishes as little as mself however the fishos love it!! This mini doco was filmed and edited by myself in Fiji as Ben Wilson, Pro Surfer Adam Melling and Dyllon Schultz explore Fiji islands in search for anything and everything the chefs on Namotu can cook up!

Did someone say BULA!! The new BWSurf control was named after every Fijians favourite word… the Bula Bar. Stu Gibson and I filmed this in Fiji in 2019 and it was used for the release and promotion of the new bar.



Spending 3 days in the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef chasing a variety of species with two mad keen fishos was an experience in itself. This short episode style clip was filmed and edited by me as a promotional clip for tourism Queensland. Featuring Ben Wilson and Dyllon Schultz as they show us the beauty that south east Queensland has to offer.