20 Mar Meeting the Dirty Habits Crew

Meeting a lot of the Dirty Habits crew was another great opportunity on this trip. Dirty Habits started as a bunch of mates who started a magazine. It is board specific, not necessarily just kiting. Surf, Skate, wake and so on. An excerpt form their website states:

We are in an era where people choose not to be identified by the type of board they own and being called a ‘skater’ or ‘a surfer’ is no longer an accepted term for us multiple board users. Most of us can admit to having more than 2 boards in our household, be it a surfboard, skateboard, kiteboard, SUP or longboard.

This is what makes this crew tick, plus a lot of partying and fun in whatever they seem to be doing. It is inspirational to see these guys together, its all about pushing limits and doing things a little different.

They also have the Dirty Habits Playground, a rail park which is ideally situated in a quarry with 100m high cliffs surrounding it, blocking the predominant South East summer winds.

The water is warm with a huge grass beach, braai facilities, a bar, good fishing with Trout, Carb and Bass, and an chill island that lies alongside the cable and obstacles.

We rode here and it is such a chilled scene, 100% fun place to hang on the no wind or no surf days.

The Dirty Habits brand ha snow moved into a clothing range as well, and they have sick gear, not your usual kiting tshirts.

If your in Cape Town you gotta check out the Playground and catch up with crew.